John C. Vitale

Background . . .         

In January, 1990, after 10 years of residential and commercial construction experience, John Vitale began his experience in innovative, custom miniature golf wood-obstacle and -material fabrication, as well as in the custom construction needs of miniature golf owners after the project was built.

John immersed himself into nation-wide material purchasing, stocking and logistical control for a company building 12 to 13 miniature golf courses per year, eventually growing to more than 30 courses per year. He was strategic in the troubleshooting and problem solving challenges. 

In order to incorporate an engineered waterfall pump/pipe design in both single and triple-waterfall systems, John learned the engineering fundamentals of formulas and piping that give accurate total dynamic head (TDH), or water friction in relations to piping and the water pumping height. 

This experience was applied dealing with pump failures, during which foremen called to seek John’s advice on the piping layout and dimensions. John began helping engineer new designs…   

Quick release flexible piping and connectors for waterfall pumps. 

PVC fittings used to be screwed to each other – a problem for winterization. 

John’s unique design has been used in more than 80 miniature golf courses to date. 

Waterfall pump-pit design (To help unsightly piping protruding out of the water).

Miniature wood bridge designs.

Cup hole and shot drainage designs. 

Reliable brick borders around golf holes. Using an epoxy solution,

John’s solutions to brick lifting problems are used today in more than 100 miniature golf courses around the country.