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Dear Client,


Because we are a miniature golf designer and miniature golf builder,  A-1 Miniature Golf Design & Construction has new designs and concepts will help you build a miniature golf course with the proper balance of cost, profitability, durability and user enjoyment.  Therefore, as a miniature golf designer our miniature golf construction will be best for you because we care how our course will hold up.

Among other advanced yet affordable courses we build, our new pump designs, course water drainage concepts, and our waterfall systems will help us build respect in the miniature golf world.  Waterfalls,  ponds, and streams along with gunite caves will be built for a life time and not just “fall apart” when the foreman leaves the job as in the industry.  

Our 9-hole, 18-hole, and 36-hole courses avoid problems commonly seen after being built due to our course customizing.  We take pride in our miniature golf holes, waterfall layouts, ponds, and streams have problem-solving  designs because we are designers and understand problems on the site.  The new designs will not lesson the “exciting play” of your minigolf, but will give more value for your money.   We continually study the past designs of what we see in this industry and seek better problem-solving materials in order to build upon the value and long-life of your business. Our passion is to make the future of miniature golf course design available today, to you, at an affordable price.

Please take a look at my biography below by clicking on the golf ball.  You can get a better sense of my history. Our project oversight and craftsmanship is personalized and professional, with your best interest in mind. Please contact us directly if we can provide you with further information.