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Is your miniature golf  builder’s price scaring you?

I was sent to inspect this project failure.   

Thankfully, I knew this wasn’t “A-1  Miniature Golf ” workmanship,

but, the workmanship of that other  miniature golf company!

What if you paid top dollar and your project fell apart ?

Was it the  poor design (which the designer wasn’t building “on site”), or, the foreman was building “on site” without integrity?

  Could it be the combination?   Why pay that cost?


Now at A-1, we like building with engineering in mind at a lower cost.

 We do this for you so you don’t have problems after we leave.

Announcing our new services from A-1 . . .

 A-1 is now designing for our customers so you can build! 

Call 386-566-4775 for details . . .

Lower Costs Through Quality and Integrity

Please call us toll-free at

1-800-A1-MINI-GOLF (800-216-4899)

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